Cor Aerssens Workshop

We want to let our members know about an educational opportunity. This is a non-guild workshop.

September 25 and 26, 2010
9:30 - 4:30
Library Company of Philadelphia
1314 Locust Street, Philadelphia 19107
Workshop fee: @200.00 plus a charge for materials

Three different simple bindings developed over the years by Cor Aerssens using only paper and thin cardboard.

The simplified "Groninger Binding" is a full cardboard binding that doesn't need covering and is beautiful in its simplicity with the natural cardboard, no endpapers, and no adhesives. It could be used as a conservation binding.

The Silly Binding is a version of the "crisscross binding", formerly the "Secret Belgian Binding" by Anne Goy. The sewing threads of this non-adhesive binding are partially hidden in the "boards" and are visible on the spine.

The Wrapper Binding is a response to a book structure by Hedi Kyle. The wrapper provides its own sewing bands that bundle the loose sheets into a book block. It is basically a non-adhesive binding, but in this workshop the pages will be extended using double-sided tape.

If there is time left there will be a short explanation on the use of colored beeswax on cardboard and paper. Beeswax can function as a protective coating and add decoration.

We can have 8 students maximum.
Please email Hedi Kyle to enroll by clicking



Paul Johnson Workshop Video and Photos

We were fortunate that the volcano dust cleared in time to have Paul Johnson make it to Philadelphia this week. As you can see by the video and photos, great fun was had by all who came into contact with him!